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How to fix this error?

It seems that all the AC scripts are getting compilation errors. These are making it so whenever I enter an action list all actions get deleted. Any idea how to fix?


  • The errors visible in your screenshot are all related to Timeline, and will show if Timeline is not present in your project while AC expects them.

    To resolve: either install Timeline via Unity's Package Manager, or enter in the text "ACIgnoreTimeline" (without quotes) into the "Scripting Define Symbols" box in Unity's Player Settings. That will instruct AC that Timeline is not present in the project, and should avoid running any Timeline-related code.

  • So, I have timeline installed, but its still giving me these errors. I tried using the ACIgnoreTimeline thing, and it removed about half of the errors, but theres still about 60.

  • That suggests it cannot find Unity's UI system, which is strange as it's not a separate package AFAIK.

    At what moment did these errors start appearing?

  • They started up when I was following the tutorial for scripting custom actions.

  • But they go away sometimes.

  • That would suggest there errors of a more specific type related to Actions - perhaps at the top of the Console.

    Were you following the tutorial exactly, or using it as a guide for your own custom Action scripts?

    When creating Action script files, care must be taken to place them in a folder separate to any other assets or scripts. Without knowing the specifics of what you've done I can only advise generally, but I'd suggest backing up your project and moving your custom Actions out of the project.

  • So, I did follow the tutorial exactly (I was lucky and the action created in the tutorial was exactly what I needed), and it was kept in its own folder. I never used the action, so I just went ahead and deleted it from my project. That seems to have stopped most of the errors, only one remains.

  • The remaining error is unrelated to AC - it's coming from Unity's Post Processing.

  • Ok, thank you.

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