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Fading into Next Camera?

Is there a way to fade into the next camera when switching? There is crossfade, but that freezes the current frame of the current camera and displays that over the top of the next camera, rather than carrying on "filming", if that makes sense.

To explain what I mean: For example in Premiere or After Effects, if you have two clips on top of each other, you can fade the top layer out to gradually reveal the bottom layer. Is there a way of replicating this using AC cameras?


  • Not built-in. It's an expensive operation, performance-wise, and exactly how you do it will vary with your chosen render pipeline.

    If you have a custom script or separate asset to handle this, though, it shouldn't be too difficult to integrate it into your ActionList.

  • Yeah I'd better leave it then. Performance wise, this scene is barely treading water as it is.

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