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Cannot change sliders for Sound / Music / SFX with Joystick

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I can navigate the Options menu with the PS4 Controller using Rewired and it allows me to use the DPad to go up and down with the menu. I just cannot adjust the slider for the Sound / Music / SFX with either the joystick, DPad or anything else.

I've checked this link which has a lot of promise but it hasn't solved my issue:

I'm using the default AC ( Source: Adventure Creator ) and I have in my Input Manager both CursorHorizontal and CursorVertical in there ( which is why the DPad is working with the up and down )

I do not have a cursor on the screen to allow me to click and select, which I believe I have turned off somewhere.

AC version 1.73.2 Unity 2018.4.27F1



  • Are these horizontal sliders, as with the default Options menu?

    To directly-adjust such Sliders in an AC menu, the Horizontal input is read - not CursorHorizontal. Horizontal/Vertical are also what should be used to directly-navigate menus - or are you using a simulated cursor to select elements?

    If the default interface (or 3D Demo game) has Directly-navigate Menus when paused? checked in the Menu Manager, Sliders in the default Options menu will be controllable in this way. It may be that Rewired is involved with the issue, if your setup is otherwise similar.

  • Chris:

    That did the trick! I used Horizontal and it solved all my issues. Thanks!

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