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Version 1.74 - Improved third-person and quality-of-life improvements



  • Version 1.74.3:

    • Added: Support for Unity Localization - sync the game's language and active Locale, and map gathered text lines to Localized Strings
    • Added: Ability to configure the input angle threshold used to keep the Player's Direct movement unchanged when switching camera during gameplay
    • Added: Ability, through script, to register and un-register which GameObjects a Trigger can detect
    • Added: Ability to configure the transition time for shapekey-based Expression changes in 3D characters
    • Added: Option to GameCamera "Cursor influence" panels to allow for the cursor to influence the camera during cutscenes
    • Added: The ActionList Editor's focusing on pasted Actions is now optional
    • Added: Custom Inspector for the Unity UI Cursor component
    • Added: OnPickUpThrow custom event
    • Changed: Removed PickUp-related inputs from the "Available inputs" panel as they also appear in the PickUp Inspector
    • Changed: The "Variable: Run sequence" Action's "Save sequence value?" option is no longer checked by default
    • Changed: The OnChangeLanguage event is now triggered when the game begins
    • Fixed: Hotspots not always having the correct interactive state if their limitToCamera field is changed via script
    • Fixed: OnPlayerJump event not being triggered when using a Character Controller
    • Fixed: "New save" button not appearing in SavesList elements
    • Fixed: Active Conversation being listed twice in the AC Status box
    • Fixed: Unity UI cursor not hiding when locked
    • Fixed: Performance issue with ActionList Editors that have no ActionList assigned
    • Fixed: Animation issue with Mecanim characters when cancelling head-turning
    • Fixed: "From Speech Text" lipsyncing not relying on the game's original language if audio is not translated
    • Fixed: Occasional playback issues when using the Sprites Unity engine to wait for custom animations to finish playing
    • Fixed: Player not rotating instantly when snapping to a Path with the "Player: Lock to Path" Action
    • Fixed: Errors when snapping a Player to the last node of a Path with the "Player: Lock to Path" Action
    • Fixed: Hotspots being interactive when their Hotspot component is disabled
    • Fixed: Triggers being interactive when their Trigger component is disabled
    • Fixed: InventoryBox elements set to Automatic size sometimes not displaying correctly
    • Fixed: Game freezing under certain circumstances when using the "Container: Add or remove" Action
    • Fixed: Rare error when creating Actions in the ActionList Editor window
    • Fixed: Previewing Menus in the Game window causing the Scene to be marked as changed
    • Fixed: Subtitle display issue when using the [hold] text token
    • Fixed: New Game Wizard failing to create Managers if the default CursorUI prefab is missing
    • Fixed: Unity UI-based Menu elements momentarily showing as disabled when turning on
    • Fixed: Movement issues with Direct input when switching camera during gameplay
    • Fixed: Draggable movement sounds not using spatial blending
    • Fixed: Minor layout tweaks to the Speech Manager
  • Thanks chris for the update, I'll install and test it, if I encounter any problems I'll let you know.

  • "Fixed: Animation issue with Mecanim characters when cancelling head-turning"

    Hey you did it. Cheers!

  • Fixed: Hotspots not always having the correct interactive state if their limitToCamera field is changed via script

    Thanks for this! I haven't had the chance to test it yet, but probably will next week.

  • direct TPC is now using rigidbody? how do we activate jump?

  • When using Direct control, a character can either rely on a Rigidbody or a Character Controller. Jumping is activated by pressing an input defined in Unity's Input Manager named "Jump".

    See the Manual's "Direct control" chapter for details on this movement method.

  • Version 1.74.4:

    • Added: Button to open the Active Inputs Editor window from the "Input: Toggle active" Action
    • Added: Conversations now react to changes made to the Dialog component's "Conversation Delay" field during the delay period
    • Added: Ability to kill the active QTE through script
    • Fixed: Character animation fields not updating when the "Animation engine" is changed
    • Fixed: Draggable Inspector not showing all fields if "Drag Mode" is set to "Move Along Plane"
    • Fixed: GameCamera 2D Drag using x-axis acceleration values for y-axis motion
    • Fixed: GameCamera 2D Drag not being framerate-independent
    • Fixed: Issue with the "Character: Animate" Action's "Add directional suffix?" option
    • Fixed: "Character animation 2D" Timeline track code not respecting the ACIgnoreTimeline scripting define symbol
  • Version 1.74.5:

    • Added: Ability to configure editor preferences from the "ACEditorPrefs" asset in Unity 2019.1 or earlier, where AC's preferences tab is not available
    • Fixed: "ActionList: Run" Action affecting parameter values of the ActionList it runs when this ActionList is itself set via a parameter
    • Fixed: "Variable: Run sequence" Actions not always running the correct subsequent Action when used in ActionList assets inside the Editor
    • Fixed: "Engine: Play movie clip" Action not always waiting for the video to complete if the Video Player's "Wait For First Frame" option is checked
    • Fixed: Bool variable values not set correctly when generating "Variable: Set" Actions through script
    • Fixed: Trigger states being incorrectly labelled in their Inspectors
    • Fixed: Compilation error when building to WebGL

    (Note: In my haste, I omitted the last point from the Changelog file, but the fix itself is included)

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