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Bug in multilanguage speech engine?

edited September 2021 in Engine development

Hi All,
I found some strange behaviour in the Speech Export Text function.
Consider the following Action List Asset.. (Attached image)


When I play this asset, no audio is played for "Blanko".

If I use "Export Text" function available from the "Speech menu", these are the generated entries.

5121|Speech|Player| |From: blankoanyclick_S43|0|(Untagged)|blankoanyclick_S43_25366_0000|Player5121|Missing main audio|Che facciamo bussiamo?|Should we knock?|Sollen wir anklopfen?|¿Deberíamos llamar?|Che facciamo bussiamo?
5122|Speech|Narrator| |From: blankoanyclick_S43|0|(Untagged)|blankoanyclick_S43_25366_0001|Narrator5122|Missing main audio|Perché no!|Why not!|Warum nicht!|¡Por qué no!|Perché no!
5123|Speech|Player| |From: blankoanyclick_S43|0|(Untagged)|blankoanyclick_S43_25366_0002|Player5123|Missing main audio|Non risponde nessuno!|Nobody is answering the door.|Niemand geht an die Tür.|Nadie responde.|Non risponde nessuno!
5124|Speech|Narrator| |From: blankoanyclick_S43|0|(Untagged)|blankoanyclick_S43_25366_0003|Narrator5124|Missing main audio|Prova a bussare di nuovo.|Try knocking again.|Versuch, erneut zu klopfen.|Intenta volver a llamar.|Prova a bussare di nuovo.
5125|Speech|Player| |From: blankoanyclick_S43|0|(Untagged)|blankoanyclick_S43_25366_0004|Player5125|Missing main audio|Ancora nulla.|Still nothing.|Immer noch nichts.|Aún nada.|Ancora nulla.
5126|Speech|Narrator| |From: blankoanyclick_S43|0|(Untagged)|blankoanyclick_S43_25366_0005|Narrator5126|Missing main audio|Non possiamo essere venuti fin qui per nulla.|We can't have come this far for nothing.|Wir können nicht umsonst so weit gekommen sein.|No podemos haber venido hasta aquí para nada.|Non possiamo essere venuti fin qui per nulla.


As you can see the associated object is "Narrator" and not "cBlanko" as expected.
Am I missing/wrong something or the speech engine is not able to get the correct stored prefab infos?

I'm using Unity 2021.1.19f1 and AC v1.72.4, and now I cannot update to new version..


  • Are your "Speaker" fields set to the original prefab, or an instance of the prefab in a scene you have open? Prefabs should be picked up by the Speech Manager.

    Please give the latest version a try in a backup/duplicate project, ignoring any other issues you may have, so that we can determine if this is an issue with the older release.

  • Hi @ChrisIceBox , I have tried both settings, the speaker as "instance from a scene" and directly taking the prefab from the project window but nothing changed.

    What do you mean saying "Prefabs should be picked up by the Speech Manager." ?

  • What do you mean saying "Prefabs should be picked up by the Speech Manager." ?

    I mean that if you assign a prefab as the speaker, then it should be listed in your game's text export.

    For asset files, you should assign the prefab, not a scene instance.

    I can't recreate such an issue on my end doing it this way. Please give the latest update a try in a separate project, and what do the entries in question look like in the Speech Manager, before exporting?

    When dealing with NPCs you want to control in asset files / across multiple scenes, another option you have is to make them non-controllable Player characters via AC's Player-switching option and check "Is Player?" in your Actions. This shouldn't be necessary purely to solve the above issue, though.

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