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Feature request: Freeze specific node when auto-arranging

edited September 2021 in Engine development


I use auto-arrange a lot when working with action lists.
I have a problem with the function, however, whenever I use a "splitting" node, ie. a node that splits the node-flow into multiple streams, like 'Run In Parallel' or 'Check Variable'.
If I use auto-arrange after applying one of these, it arranges the split node streams on top of each other, which is often opposite to my prefered layout.
Its a matter of taste, of course, but it would be great if it was possible to freeze a node in place, so it stayed in a certain place when auto-arranging. That way you could control the run of node-streams and make the layout you wanted and still benefit from the quick ordering that auto-arranging provides.

Is this a possibility?

EDIT: Sorry, "'Run In Parallel" does not arrange streams on top of each other, of course. My mistake.


  • As the placement of auto-arranged Actions are dependent on one-another, it's not really possible to isolate one to be unaffected.

    You can, however, opt to auto-arrange only the currently-selected group of Actions. Marquee-select the Actions you wish to affect, then right-click in empty space to bring up an option to auto-arrange only those Actions.

  • Ah, sounds good. That should work well enough for me.

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