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Jumpy movement when passing through hotspots

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I use direct control, and the player character only moves left and right, with keyboard inputs.

I have a couple of NPCs on the screen, and when my player character walks in front of them, it's usually fine, and the hotspot lables come and go as they should.
But in like 1/3 cases the player character gets stuck for a fraction of a second and then jumps a bit when passing in front of the characters' hotspots. It looks jittery and buggy, as if the player is stumbling on something.

The only pattern I've seen is that it's more likely to be buggy if I play an intro conversation first, in its entirety. If a press esc to skip the cutscene, it usually works better. I think this is strange, since the outcome in terms of actions should be the same. Also, the cutscene itself contains little more than a string of speech lines.
Any ideas?


  • There's no collision going on that might interrupt the player's motion?

    Are you using Unity UI? When a Unity UI-based menu is turned on for the first time, its associated prefab needs to spawn into the scene. It may be that one of your Menus, e.g. Subtitles or Hotspot, isn't turned on at this moment if you skipped the opening conversation.

    Check your Hierarchy for presence of your menus, and use Unity's Profiler window to detect any spikes.

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    No menus are Unity UI-based.
    I've double-checked all colliders, and played around with changing shape and size, etc. No luck.

    I've noticed that the jittery behaviour gets worse the longer the game has run, so maybe it's more of a time issue than about cutscene-skipping. If I leave the game running for a long period, the movement becomes very jumpy when I start playing.

  • Does this happen in a build or just the editor? My old laptop had a similar issue whenever an asset-based actionlist was run, caused by the gameobject being spawned in the editor hierarchy. Menus have an option to run actionlists when they are turned on and off, so maybe that's what's causing it. This was not an issue in the build because the editor hierarchy wasn't there to be updated.

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    Thanks for your reply, Rairun. I haven't tried a build yet, but I'll give it a shot.
    Update: Yes, I can confirm that the build runs super smoothly, so this is an editor issue.

  • An issue related to FPS in the editor was resolved in the latest release - are you using v1.74.2?

  • I updated AC now and the problems appears to be gone!
    However in my impatience I forgot to back up the managers, so all menus and variables and settings have been reset. Ah well, it's a learning opportunity...

  • @Divaraf you should have your managers saved, you just need to use the manager package to assign them again! Unless you just modified the demo managers instead of creating new ones, you didn't lose them.

  • Yes indeed - if you used the New Game Wizard to create your Managers, they'll be separate to that of the default Demo Managers.

    See the Manual's "Updating Adventure Creator" chapter for details on how to revert your Managers after a importing a newer release.

  • ah, lovely, thanks again!

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