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Small AC Menu Request: Multi-Line Labels

It appears that you cannot start an additional line (well, return/enter does not work at least) for labels in AC menus. I would like to write some text, then a bit more text on the line below, without the need of an extra label if possible.


  • Oh wait, you can actually already do this, but I think I've run into a bug here:

    If you duplicate a button (in an AC menu) but change it to a different element, e.g. label, the fields will still remain as though it is a button, for example Click Type and Action list to run. These elements will also be selectable when using direct navigation, even though they're not buttons.

    AC 1.73.8
    Unity 2018.4
    Windows 10

  • Sorry, I'm not following. You can't change an element's type once created. Or are you referring to selecting a different element?

  • "You can't change an element's type once created."
    That explains it then. Apologies, I'd misunderstood the interface; I thought the Element type selection button allowed you to change an element you had already made, but now I look at it, it is used only to create a new element type, not modify one you have selected.

    False alarm :)

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