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'Add journal page' parameter

edited October 2021 in Engine development

Would it be possible to add the ability to use a string parameter in the "new page text" field? Or would this cause issues with translation, etc?

More specifically, I wanted to create an actionlist asset to streamline adding journal pages. It'd include an animation, sound effect, etc, as well as the action to add the new page itself. The menu and journal element would already be filled out and non-accessible, and the only field I'd want to be able to write anew upon each use is the "new page text" one.


  • I'm afraid it would cause issues - not just with translation, but also with game-saving. The same ID used to identify its translation is also used to identify which pages the journal holds, so the text has to be fixed within the Action.

    The closest thing you could do is place each "Page add" Action into an ActionList of its own, and then use an Object parameter to reference it in an "ActionList: Run" Action in the streamlined asset.

  • I assumed as much, thanks for the info!

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