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Animator parameters

Hi. I am doing a 2d pixel art platform puzzle game, in many puzzles I have to use ladders, and so far Ive managed to do it with actionlists only and even in two different ways, using constrain to ropes and paths to ladders.
But one thing that gets in my way is the animation. For example, when my player climbs the ladder using a path, the animation ''climbing'' keeps going even when he already is on the floor.
I realize I can use parameters in the animator but I don't know how. Not sure if I should change the animation engine or try custom controller.


  • Your video shows the issue, but not how you're achieving it. How are you getting the animation to play?

    Using Animator parameters is the "best practice" way of working in Unity, as it gives you much more control over the way animation is handled - particularly if you're going for non-standard adventure mechanics.

    Of course, a custom motion controller suited would be best for platforming/climbing mechanics, but it'd be worth trying out parameters first.

    AC's Sprites Unity Complex animation engine uses a parameter-based approach to animating the character. An example can be found with the Brain2D_SpritesUnityComplex prefab, but it's necessary to be familiar with how parameters work beforehand. See Unity's own docs and tutorials for how the Animator parameter system works - ideally in a separate scene without involving AC, so that you can see how it works "on its own" before adding AC into the mix.

  • Hey Chris, I was using path + actionlist, hotspot and trigger.

    Now I fully transferred my player to unity complex, learned to connect all the basic animation, but only because the Move speed float its already done.
    Now I am trying to make the animation of the ladder, but cant figure out how to replicate with actionlist.
    So how do I make it animate only when I press W/S?
    Is there a way to connect a bool parameter with a input?

  • With Sprites Unity Complex, you can create a Bool parameter to "re-route" your regular standard animations (idle, walk etc) to a separate set of climbing animations when True, and revert back when False.

    You can update this parameter's value with a Character: Animate Action whose Method is set to Change Parameter Value.

    Are you constraining the player's movement when they approach a ladder? If so, you could run the above Action at the same time.

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