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Quick time events

Hi, I wonder if is there some qte elements video tutorials for adventure creator?


  • They're text-based, but tutorials on using QTEs can be found here.

  • Thank you, but what do you mean that they are text-based? I saw the article, and there are icons on the screen, arrows, buttons, no text

  • I mean: the tutorials themselves are text, as opposed to video like you were asking about.

  • maybe you can do some video tutorial on quck time events? Developers really need that for creating adventure games)

  • Are you having issues following the text tutorials? If you need advice on getting them to work, please share details and I will help.

  • Honestly saying I didn't get to that chapter, I'm just trying to find out what will fit more for my needs, I won't get to that text tutorial really soon) when I get there and have question I will ask about it here, thanks for answering.

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