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Screen Space Hotspot


Using the SSH for the adventure remake. I cant seem to be able to enable/see the dialogue UI when i click on the sign


  • The Screen Space Hotspot Detection template's Menu Manager only contains a Hotspot menu. This is optional - the template will work without it.

    Don't run your game with the SSHD_MenuManager asset assigned as your game's Menu Manager - use your own created by the New Game Wizard.

    If you wish to use the template's Hotspot menu, assign the SSHF_MenuManager into the Menu Manager, copy the Hotspot menu, then paste it into your own Menu Manager asset.

  • im using the created menu manager... but cant seem to be able to interact with the dialogue action list ..... but if i were to run it in the actionlist editor... the dialogue appears.

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    Seems that if i were to play from the security room the hotspot doesnt work... but if i were to switch to market and then go to security room all the hotspot in it work

  • but cant seem to be able to interact with the dialogue action list

    You're meaning that the Conversation menu does not appear after interacting with a Hotspot that has a "Dialogue: Start conversation" Action, or that the options are showing but aren't responding to input?

    Share screens of your Settings and Menu Managers, and also check if the Console is reporting any related messages.

    can i use interactionA or B to activate dialogue actions?

    If the Conversation menu's Source is Adventure Creator, yes. If Unity UI, options can be invoked by pressing the "Submit" input, provided it's defined in Unity's Input Manager.

  • seems that my scene wasnt setup up correctly. redo both scene

  • Hi How do i replicate this using my default menu manager. Ive tried using the SSH hotspotUI prefab on my linked canvas prefab but the hotspot name still appear on player. Even though i already set it to appear on hotspot

  • i got this instead

  • Is that the menu's default position in the prefab?

    When AC updates a UI-based menu, it does so by repositioning the position of the assigned "RectTransform boundary". You'll need to make sure that this field in the Menu's properties is correctly linked to the UI - usually this is mapped to the canvas prefab's first immediate child.

    In the case of the SSHD template's Hotspot menu, this is the "Icon" GameObject. Double-click the HotspotUI prefab and drag this Icon GameObject into the Menu's "RectTransform boundary" field to fix the connection if it's become broken.

    If the two are succesfully connected, the "Constant ID" number listed beneath this field in the Menu Manager will match that in the Constant ID component on the Icon GameObject.

  • can we have different distant for each interaction in SSHD. it seems all of them are set to the same even when i set different distant for each object

  • The script could be modified to read a per-Hotspot script that has its own Distance value, but the built-in method of varying distance is to rely on an Interactive Boundary.

    If a Hotspot has an Interactive Boundary assigned, then the distance check from the Player will be bypassed.

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    Hi Chris ... dont know what went wrong.. but now my hotspot name doesnt want to show up... although i already label it

  • ive set it to Unity UI prefab...doesnt work... but when i set it to AC at the hotspot properties... it work

  • ok found it.. need to copy the linked text

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