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Turning triggers on turns them off, and vice versa

edited November 2021 in Technical Q&A

It seems that the on and off states for my triggers have somehow switched. Setting a trigger on through either a remember component or through Object: send message in fact turns it off, and turning it off through the same methods turns it on.

AC 1.74,3
Unity 2020.3.11f1

Here are a couple of videos showing the issues on a new scene with the AC first-person demo player. This even occurs in the AC basement demo (when launched from my project)

This does not seem to occur with Hotspots


  • Sorry, this is due to a stupid typo.

    The Trigger's state is correct - only the label is wrong.

    In AC_TriggerEditor.cs, replace line 31:

    if (!_target.enabled || _target.IsOn ())


    if (!_target.enabled || !_target.IsOn ())
  • Thanks! That's fixed it. Was this a bug in v1.74.3?

  • I believe so.

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