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Lost camera movement when loading saved game state, AC 1.74.2, Unity 2020.3.23f1


I'm running AC 1.74.2 and Unity 2020.3.23f1. If I save a game state and load from the same scene, saved state loads fine and runs fine. However, if I quit to title screen and load saved state, saved state loads find and player moves, though, camera no longer works. If I quit the game, relaunch and load from save, again the camera appears not to work, though, I can move player. This used to work in the prior version of AC. Also, I've upgraded Unity to 2020.3.23f1 from 2020.3.16f1. I had a prior issue with player movement which turned out to be my terrain lost is layer setting of NavMesh. I'm sure it's some lost setting, any ideas? Tom


  • What kind of camera is it, and in what way does it not work? Is it in the wrong position / frozen?

    You will need to attach a Constant ID component to any Camera that can be active while saving is possible. The Console should report a missing component if you save the game when the active camera doesn't have one. Do you have such a component added?

    See the Manual's "Saving scene objects" chapter for details.

  • New 3rd person cam, frozen. I'll check the console and ID component, thank you!

  • As you suggested, I had neglected to add back the constant ID to the new 3rd person cam. Thank you, Chris!

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