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Object highlighting in Scene view but not in Game view

edited January 2022 in Technical Q&A

Unity 2020.3.11.f1
AC v1.74.5

This is in a completely new project. Im highlighting a 3d cube using the Object > Highlight action. I can see the object get brighter in the scene view, and the material changing in the inspector, but this is not visible in the game view, the cube is unhighlighted. What could be the issue?

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  • It may be a shader issue.

    The built-in effect is achieved by affecting the material's "_Color" property, which not all shaders have. I can't say why you'd have a difference between the Scene and Game windows, but that may be a Unity behaviour.

    If you're using a custom shader, you may need to control the effect through a script. You can do this by unchecking Auto-brighten materials when enabled? and then read the Highlight component's GetHighlightIntensity function to apply the effect to your custom shader property, i.e.:

    void Update ()
        GetComponent<Renderer>().material.SetFloat ("MyProperty", GetComponent<AC.Highlight>().GetHighlightIntensity ());
  • Ah, thanks for the response. I'll give this a shot.

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