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3 Feature Requests

This was initially going to be just 1 feature requests, but then in the space of 12 hours I got 2 more ideas, so I figured I would just put all 3 of them here, so here goes!

Transform object at fixed rate:
It would be nice to have an option in the Object:Transform action to set the movement speed to a rate instead of a set time. What I mean by this is you would have 2 options. The first is to complete the transform in x seconds (like it is now). The Second option would be to have a rate to transform the object (something like pixels per second).

Loop Action:
This is pretty self explanatory, it would be nice to have a loop action that will stop looping after x amount of times.

Ability to turn off 'Carry on start' for builds:
It would be nice to have a setting that turns off the carry on start for inventory objects when you build a project, instead of manually going through and turning it off for a bunch of objects for a build and then turning it back on after the build is complete.

Feel free to ask me for clarification if needed! Thanks!


  • Transform object at fixed rate

    This is something I've looked at in the past, but haven't yet gotten it working in a way I'm satisfied with. I shall revisit it, however - it's a good suggestion.

    Loop Action

    A custom Action could be written to achieve this, but this is also possible using the Variable: Run sequence Action, by having all but the last output run the same subsequent Action.

    Ability to turn off 'Carry on start' for builds

    It's too big a rabbit hole to go down once you start introducing certain fields to only apply in the Editor only. However, once the game is running you can click the cog icon beside the Inventory Manager's Create new item button to auto-add all items to the Player's inventory.

    The same works for individual items as well, so I recommend instead leaving the Carry on start? option unchecked, and then add items at runtime for debugging.

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