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Decrease Popup by Value

Hi, I'm able to increase a Popup's value using Variable:Set/Increase by Value, but am unable to decrease it when I input a negative number.

I tried this in an ActionList asset, then in a scene's Cutscene (both actionlists were otherwise empty). Tested on a component popup and global popup. Also tried setting through an Int Parameter of -1 instead of a directly input Statement.

I saw at the bottom of this thread that a decrease is the expected behavior

I would appreciate having a second pair of eyes on this, thanks. Using 1.74.5


  • Thanks for the report - I'll attempt a recreation.

    Could you share the exact values you're testing with - specifically, how many potential values the PopUp has, and how much you're decreasing it by?

  • I'm using 4 popup values, and am attempting to decrease by 1. Thank you for looking into it.
  • Thanks - recreated.

    I'll issue a more robust fix in the next release, but for now you should be able to remedy it by opening AC's ActionVarSet script and replacing:

    _value = Mathf.Clamp (intValue, 0, var.GetNumPopUpValues () - 1);


    _value = intValue;
  • Can confirm this patch works for now. Thanks for being so responsive!

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