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Wormventures - Barrier 51: Official anouncement / Steam page online / Teaser video published

Duisburg, Germany - January, 26th 2022

Official anouncement

After several years of development and the launch of the Steam page for the game I guess it is time for an official anouncement. Wormventures - Barrier 51 is the re-development and conclusion of the freeware point&click adventure game Looky - The Adventure which was released 2007. It is not only the long anticipated second half of the game but also a complete re-development of the original. It combines the best of both worlds: Modern visuals in 3D with camera cuts and movements along with classic puzzles, dialogs, inventory and point&click controls. Things that adventure fans know and love.

Steam page online

Valve approved the Steam store page yesterday and it can now be discovered and enjoyed in its entire beauty. The upcoming demo version of the game will be available there, too. Releases in other stores are currently evaluated. Me personally I'm a fan of DRM free software, so I will definitely watch out for an opportunity to make this happen.

Teaser video published

A first teaser video was made for use on the Steam store page and can now be viewed there as well as on the press kit page and the official YouTube channel along with some other short videos.

About the game

Details about the story and features are available on the Steam and press kit pages.

State of development / demo version / release date

The development is in an advanced stage right now and I'm optimistic to release the game in 2022. A demo version of the game is currently being prepared. The game will be available for Windows, MacOS and Linux systems. At the moment the game has no voice overs but there are plans to provide them, at least in german. We will see what the future may bring.


Steam page:
YouTube channel:

Of course I'm eager to answer any questions and I would be happy if the game was wishlisted on Steam. And thanks again to Chris, without AC this wouldn't have been possible.

With kind regards
Marcus 'M(' Röckendorf (Basement Society)


  • After fixing some small bugs, tinkering with some camera configurations and adding an initial language selection on first start, a new version of the demo for the 3D cartoon point&click adventure "Wormventures - Barrier 51" is ready to be played. I won't post the download link publically because I still consider it to be "Beta" and therefore could be buggy, but I will give the link to everybody who wants to play it. I have versions for Wndows, MacOS and Linux ready and I'm quite interested in knowing on which computers (especially older ones) it runs smoothly to define the minimum specs for the game on all the platforms. So if anybody is interested in playing the demo, just contact me.

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