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AC-based Lipsyncing during Timeline/Slate cutscenes?

AC has a robust solution for internal lipsyncing during dialogues.
But I wonder if there's a way to do it if I integrate AC with sequencers such as Slate or Timeline? Thanks.


  • Dialogue from AC's Speech Timeline tracks will still be gathered by the Speech Manager's "Gather text" button, so it'll be subject to your lipsync options further up.

    When using sequencing tools though, it's also possible to add the lipsyncing via a separate animation track that plays at the same time as the speech. The 3D Demo's Intro1 and Intro2 Timelines demonstrate this technique.

  • Yes, I studied the 3D demo's lipsync technique and found it a little convoluted, that is why I asked. I'll try to take advantage of AC's automated text-to-anim lipsyncing if I can help it. Thanks!

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