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Trigger external script?

Hello, iam using a ingame computer simulator. Can I trigger ac external scripts? In this case I want to add a "message" during runtime. The documentation says this

But I have no cloue


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    If you have a GameObject or prefab that includes a script with a public function, you can call that function by using either the Object: Send message Action, or the Object: Send message Action's Custom method.

    If you need more control over exactly what is called, to e.g. assign special parameters, you can write a custom Action.

    In the case of your linked example, though, writing "public" in front of "void YourFunction()" would make it visible to the above two Actions.

    Just be aware that you need to place the script on a GameObject or prefab and then call that object's component - you can't call functions directly on the script asset file itself.

  • ok great. thank you I try that.

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