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Hotspots - Scale game object or collider size

Hello AC community!

When adjusting the size of hotspots, is the best practice to adjust the scale of the game object, or the box collider size?


  • Personally, I'd adjust the Collider size. But if there's nothing else that'll be affected by it, like a model/sprite, I'd guess the practical difference would be minimal.

  • edited February 2022

    Yeah, it's just always been one of those I-should-probably-ask-at-some-point questions I've had since day one of using Unity and colliders.

    A colleague at work made a good point, which is if a feature ever needs to correctly know the size of a collider, and it's the scale that has been modified instead, then that can mess the whole thing up.

    From now on I'm jumping on the adjust-collider-size train. Thanks!

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