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Error when playing any scene: AC.ActionListAsset.OnDisable () (at Assets/AdventureCreator/Scripts/Ac

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Unity Ver: 2019.4.35f1
AC Ver: 1.74.5


I'm not sure how or when this started, but working on my project tonight, no matter what scene I play, I'm getting the following error as soon as the scene is started:

Pressing on the console error selects an action list asset, which has completely corrupted:

With the action list open, the console is hit by:

I'm not sure how this has become corrupted. I did delete a custom action from my project previously (which I'm not sure if this action list was even using).

Is it likely this action list can be salvaged?


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    It seems like this action list was using the custom action I deleted. I can rebuild it, however if an action is deleted from a project is it expected that action lists would fail in this way?

    Could it be done more gracefully, so if going into an action list where an action has been removed, you get a 'MISSING ACTION' block inside it instead, and it doesn't corrupt the editor?

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    Deleting an Action type shouldn't cause ActionLists that rely on it to break - I'll attempt a recreation.

    Regarding your corrupted ActionList: leave it alone for the moment while I look into it.

  • I've sent you a test package via PM - give it a go in a backup/duplicate project.

    In the event of deleting an Action script file, the behaviour should be that any instances of that Action are deleted from ActionLists.

    Though, the safer/cleaner way to remove a custom Action is to instead move it out of your custom Actions directory.

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