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Leaning in first person

I'm creating a first person stealth game, and I'm having some difficulty implementing a leaning system. I want to be able to peek around corners, but as of my testing the player moves upwards when I rotate the camera or the player, if I try to move while leaning.

What would be the best solution for fixing this?


  • Is the Player's root position moving, or is it just the camera?

    AC will take control of the "First Person Camera" transform, so if you want to add a leaning effect on top of that you'll need to create an empty that sits between the Player's root and the First Person Camera in the Hierarchy - and then move that empty to create the effect.

    If the Player's root is moving, I would need to know the custom script you're using to handle the effect.

  • I was trying to rotate the camera on the Z axis, which created the flying problem. I decided to just do the empty game object and move it slightly down and left or right while being on the same level of rotation. If I tried to rotate the empty the same way the problem persisted.

  • What you can try instead is moving the Camera component to a child object, one level below the First Person Camera component, and then rotate the Camera object - so that the First Person Camera object, which is what AC rotates, is unaffected.

  • I tried that, I'm not entirely sure if I did something wrong but the problem still persisted. I think what I'm using now is good enough.

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