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Get NPC to say player's name during conversation

I must be searching with the wrong terms -- this seems like such an obvious question for others to have asked. But how does one do the equivalent of [speaker] in speech text, except that instead of [speaker], it's basically [person being spoken to]? I want NPCs to say the name of the character (there are multiple characters and character switching). I realize there's no "target" value associated with ActionSpeech, so maybe this is more complicated than I think, but "Hi, [target]" is the idea. So if Bob is talking to the NPC, I want the NPC to respond with "Hi, Bob", and if Keith is talking to the NPC, "Hi, Keith". Does this require variables in some way? Thanks!


  • Does this require variables in some way?

    Yes - you can rely on the [var:X] token, which gets replaced by the value of Global Variable "X" (where X is the ID number shown beside its name in the Variables Manager).

    For example, if Global Variable ID #3 is a String variable, then you can begin your conversation sequence with a Variable: Set Action to set this Variable's value to Bob, and then insert the token [var:3] inside your speech Actions to show Bob's name in subtitles.

  • Suspected as much, since there's not a "listener" Char object in ActionSpeech. Thanks as always for the quick reply and explanation, Chris!

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