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Hotspots disabled after applying a variable?

Hi all, second time poster here.
I've got a series of hotspots set up to move between scenes. They were working fine initially.
I've started applying variables to the hotspot actions, and it has disabled my hotspots for some reason (the name doesn't even appear when you roll your mouse over them when testing)

Here's one of the simpler examples. Clicking a hotspot which changes a global variable from TRUE to FALSE, then moving to the next scene:

Action Type: Variable ; Set
Source: Global
Variable: redclimbvariable
New Value is: Entered Here
Statement = False
After Running: Continue
Action Type: Scene, Switch
Choose scene by: Name
Scene name: RedarmorSCENE

Am I doing something wrong? I did a misc/throwaway hotspot form scratch where it just CHECKS the variable, and that seems to work so something about setting the variable is gone awry it seems?


  • Found resolution. Apparently I created hotspot with 2D Box Collider, rather than just Box Collider. I'm not sure the difference but I replaced all the hotspots and working now!

  • I created hotspot with 2D Box Collider, rather than just Box Collider

    The difference between the two is that the former is used for 2D games, and the latter for 3D games.

    When auto-creating Hotspots in the Scene Manager, AC will choose the Collider automatically based on your scene's chosen perspective. This is set globally in the Settings Manager, under the "Camera perspective" field.

    It's also possible to override this per-scene at the point an AC scene is created. If this is the case, it'll display this fact at the top of the Scene Manager.

    If you're intending to make a 2D game, but are using Box Colliders, it'd be worth checking that your Camera perspective field is correct - as this'll affect other aspects of the scene as well.

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