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WIP Demo - My very first game! (Text-Based Narrative Puzzle)

Hi all, I'm very excited to share a proof of concept demo for my very first game project (both in terms of AC/Unity and beyond) and just looking for some feedback around the concept itself.

I've posted a detailed description of the game on the itch page, your feedback is welcomed either here or there!


  • Hey @ryanmcleod I gave your game a play, and may I congratulate you on your first game project! Making a game is always an achievement worth celebrating, so really happy with you.

    I really like the butterfly concept. The idea that player choice 'rewrites' a story through decisions is definitely interesting, and has potential. In terms of playing the proof-of-concept, I got lost understanding what I was doing and why. I understood mechanically the setup of everything, but it wasn't clear to me as a player objective the reason I'd be dipping into this portal and then back out of it repeatedly.

  • Thanks for giving it a try! Its very appreciated!
    In the full game, when there are several books on the table, only this one will have its portal activated initially, when the optimum outcome has been reached it will
    1. Unlock all the rest of the portals (making it like a tutorial) so the rest can be tackled non-lineally.
    2. The book will have a glittery outer-glow as a visual reminder that the optimum outcome has been achieved. (If this ever changes by either going back in and making changes again, or if another books events changed this books vents, it will disappear)

    I'm also thinking about making it clear in a pre-narrative cut scene that they all died dishonorable deaths, and the goal is to restore their honor in a way that they survive.

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