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Highlight - Custom Events - Getting three logs. Would expect just two.

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Unity Ver: 2019.4.35f1
AC Ver: 1.75.1

I'm checking out the updates to the Highlight component that allow the custom events to be used when .Flash() is performed.

What I'm seeing is three calls and just wanted to check that is expected.

The setup is two functions attached to the On & Off events. These just have print logs for now.

When .Flash() happens, I see the following in the console:

It seems to start with a 'turn off'. Is that expected?


  • I'd say so. It's being called due to the Hotspot itself becoming deselected as a result of being clicked, rather than the flash effect.

  • I'm confused by the description of 'being clicked' in my case. I'm not doing any clicking, just interacting with the hotspot with .RunInventoryInteraction(id)

    Is the deselect just an unavoidable consequence of that?

  • I should have said "running an interaction" - it'll occur regardless of the method used to initiate it.

    What issue is it causing visually?

  • edited March 2022

    No issue at all. Just curious and always seeking to understand unexpected logging.

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