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Character portrait doesn't clear out after dialogue line fades out

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First, let me apologize if the question may result too stupid, but I'm a total beginner.
I cannot make a character portrait fade out along with its line of dialogue. I remember that it was possible, without any major change in the settings, in previous versions of AC, I'm now running the latest.

Now, whatever I do, the portrait will remain visible at the end of a dialogue action. What should I change from the default settings?

Thanks, and sorry but I'm learning.


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    Welcome to the community, @Postototo.

    When you mention fading out, are you referring to the Menu itself fading? Are you working with Unity UI, or AC's own Menu-rendering option?

    So long as the portrait Graphic is a part of that Menu, it should fade out along with anything else that the Menu renders. The Menu itself should turn off when a speech line ends so long as its "Appear type" property is set to "When Speech Plays".

    As this is a visual problem, can you share some screenshots to help illustrate the issue?

  • Resolved, "Appear type" was set to manual(I don't know why it changed from previous saves...), again, these are the issues being a newbie!

    By the way, AC is a wonderful editor!

    Thank you so much,
    have a lovely day.

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