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Hover over UI inventory buttons->Don't change when there's no objects

Good evening,
I have a small question regarding the "change cursor when over the element" option. Our inventory is UI based, and I have 6 buttons. If I check that option and select cursor index #2 (examine cursor) then it will change the cursor even when there are no items. This is a bit annoying, as there shouldn't be anything.

Question here is: is there a way, even by scripting, to just change it when there's actually an item on that slot? Since it's 1-6, If I got 2, then only buttons 1 and 2 should have the change.

Quick parenthesis: I found a solution but just out of luck and I don't know if it could cause some issues. This is what I did:
"Change cursor when over...": Unchecked
Cursor menu:
"Change when over inventory...": Checked
Icon ID 0: the cursor I want (which is basically the examine the item). Super important: that #0

I found that for some reason if you click that last option ("change when over" in cursor"), it will only read that first icon, that index #0.

If, there's a way to do it only on objects that are actually on the button, even by scripting and by choosing the index number, the better. In our case, we found that workaround but not sure if it's a bug or there's a different way.

Unity 2020.3.27f1
AC: 1.75.2
Thanks for the help


  • I don't see your workaround as a problem. The icon being displayed isn't limited to being the first - you can set this per-item in the Inventory Manager via the "Use cursor icon" field.

  • It was so simple! Thank you very much as always :)
    And thanks for letting me know the workaround won't break anything or override unwanted things.

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