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Stair Transition

Hello again,

As the title suggests, I'm trying to do a stair transition for going up and down. I've thought of multiple ways of doing it, but I'd like your opinion on which way is the best one.

Entire transition plan: character clicks on stair hotspot - triggers stair walk animation - while this is occuring camera fades out and scene switches.

method 1:
Initially I wanted to just make a "character walking up stairs" animation and move the character that way, after interacting with a hotspot on the stairs, then just fade out and switch scene. I opted against this because that required I recenter each character sprite to compensate for this one.

method 2:
Making a 45-degree angle navmesh, but I opted against that as well.

method 3:
The one I'm showing in this gif is the one I opted to go with. I added a path to where I wanted the character to go to. The only problem is the character angle keeps switching from "left" to "up" (due to how the navmesh is set up). I've tried forcing the Left animation by making a 2-item action list where I force "direction to face to Left" - in the "face direction" action list + move along path, but that doesn't seem to work anyway.

My question is which of these methods is best for what I am trying to achieve (if any). If method 3 is the correct one, how do I force the correct animation. If all 3 methods are bad, what do you recommend?

As usual, many thanks for your help!


  • Method 3 would be the easiest. If you want to force the character to face a certain way, while walking, use the Character: Change rendering Action Sprite direction feature.

    Another option would be to rely on Timeline, which could be used to animate the character's root position to move up the stairs. AC's "Character Animation 2D" track type can be used to enforce a particular direction, while having them play their idle/walk animation automatically based on movement speed.

  • @ChrisIceBox thank you, man! Have a wonderful week end.

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