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Reveal all hotspots on right click

Good afternoon!
Is there any way to reveal all available hotposts on right click? Possibly by using the Active Inputs Editor, yes, but is it possible to reveal the labels or the polygon collider around them?
If I remember correctly, on the Blackwell series you could do that.
Also: let's say some hotspots are disabled or enabled through the course of the game: are they affected by this feature if it exists?



  • Hotspots can be highlighted by invoking an input named "FlashHotspots", once defined in the Input Manager.

    Only enabled Hotspots will be highlighted, and they must have a "Highlight" component assigned in their Inspectors. You can optionally display an icon texture over each Hotspot via the Settings Manager's "Hotspot settings" panel.

    If you wish for them to be highlighted the whole time the input is pressed, a script for that can be found on the wiki here.

    If you wish for each highlighted Hotspot to have a label displayed at the same time, you'll need to rely on a custom script - again, such a script can be found on the AC wiki here.

  • Thanks! I've searched the forum before posting because I thought maybe there was something new (also read the documentation). I can't make it work.

    My setup for a random Hotspot is:
    1) Add Hightlight component
    2) Go to Unity's Input Manager and add FlashHotspots (I've added several keys to test everything, but of course it should be just one: mouse 1)
    3) Added the "object to highlight" self hotspot on the hotspot

    I also tried adding this to AC Input manager but no luck.
    Some pics to show in real time.
    Thanks for the feedback.

  • The default Highlight effect needs to be on either a Mesh Renderer or a Sprite Renderer, with a material that it can affect.

    See the Manual's Highlight chapter for details - by default, it will update the associated Material's _Color property, but this can be overridden in the Settings Manager in the latest release.

    The easier way to quickly test the inputs are working is to set the Display Hotspot icons field to Only When Highlighting, and assign a texture underneath. That will display icons when the flash/highlight effect kicks in.

  • Thanks! It works now. I think the method you proposed is the best to test things out.

  • Quick question: Hotspot icon type: the texture part, all good and clear, but what is "icon"? how can I set an icon to a certain hotspot? or is it the interaction type of cursor?

    I'm thinking that adding a certain texture to each hotspot (for example the interaction type, the "cursor" i need to have to operate with it) could be of help.


  • When set to "Icon", it will refer to the icon mapped to the first "Use" interaction defined in the Hotspot.

  • Thank you very much. Super helpful! Not sure how hard or requested this feature is or may be, but adding an image to a hotspot for this use would be cool. Not that many people will super use it but here's my thought. So the player knows which action or item he/she needs to use against that object.
    Thanks again for everythin :)

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