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Canvas: Particle effect on top of Image

I've been trying for hours to understand if I'm missing something or it just can't be done. I have a very simple image (logo) and on top, there should be some particicle effects in place. I've done it in the past using two cameras and never had a problem but I don't know if I'm missing something or a component/script should be attached to the camera. The canvas has an image, then I have another canvas with a particle effect and even though I see them both, the Image is always on top, hence the problem. I'm not sure if there's something AC may be doing or could help me understand why (I also set them in different layers and no luck).
Is there anything I'm missing or might help me understand the solution?



  • After hours of testing I found the problem and posting here the solution. It seems that the camera was missing the "Clear Flags" and I think it's because we are relying on some effects based on the URP (lighning which is great). Every time we put a new camera (AC-based or not) we couldn't find that option. So after hours of testing I found this setup that works (the Cler Flags is the usual solution I found on the internet but couldn't be replicated).

    1) Create one Canvas: inside one image and one Particle Effect. Both should inside the same canvas and of course don't forget the resolution.
    2) Render Mode in Canvas: Screen Space - Camera. Choose the NavCam 1 that comes after you create the first camera (or however it's named).
    3) Go to this same camera and make sure the camera component is clicked, then Render Type to Base, then Projection, perspective and at the bottom only leave the Audio Listener and the Universal Additional Camera (not sure what this is). I found that all the other components where the ones "bothering" the effect.
    4) Also, make sure you only have one Audio Listener (probable comes from "Main Camera" but make sure it's just one)
    That's it. It took me 4 hours. Hope this helps!

    PD: Not sure there's an explanation on why some AC components or URP were the ones hindering the whole process. I'm just trying to make things work using this great framework :)


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    AC doesn't interfere with the rendering of UI canvases - it only controls when they're shown.

    Having particles show on top of UI canvases is a case of switching to "Screen Space - Camera", as you've found. As the AC MainCamera is the Camera that performs rendering (NavCams etc are just for reference) that is the one best assigned here. AC should automatically assign this if it's unset when the UI turns on - provided that it's linked to the AC Menu Manager.

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