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ClickMarker 2d

Hello, I tried to use a clickmaker in my 2d game. I put the "Marker2d" into the fields in settings but I don't see any marker on screen. Does the marker work with specific layer or tags?


  • Scene Markers are separate from the "Click Marker" field in the Settings Manager - they just share similar names.

    A Scene Marker is only visible in the Editor / scene view - it won't be seen in-game.

    The Click Marker prefab you assign will be spawned in at the point you click, but its visuals are up to the prefab. You're best off assigning a copy of the default ClickMarker prefab, modified to suit your needs.

  • Ok I tried the clickmarker but its not visible on my 2d game?

  • The default ClickMarker prefab is for 3D games - so its orientation is not right for 2D games. You'll need to create a copy, modify it (i.e. rotate it so that it appears correct for 2D) and assign that instead.

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