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Speech volume reduction delay

edited June 2022 in Technical Q&A

Being able to duck the music/SFX volume during speech is a really cool feature. Unfortunately it sounds awkward in my game because it fades up the music too soon after a speech has ended, often causing music volume to going up and down between spoken lines in an ongoing conversation.
I would love to be able to set the delay before the volume reduction goes back to normal (either in the manager or through code).



  • If you rely on Audio Mixer Groups, this should be achievable by relying on a mixer group in between the Master and Music groups that is used for a custom reduction that can be controlled through script.

    It'd then be a case of hooking into the OnStartSpeech and OnStopSpeech events to run a coroutine that affects the volume after a delay.

  • Okidokie!
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