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Object: Check Visibility on Canvas doesn't work

Hello community,
Not sure if this is a bug or not, but, in our menus (UI), we have some gameobjects which serve as containers for other elements. They have canvas components. On turning on these menus, the AL automatically shows and hides the elements I want using Object: Visibility. If they have a "Canvas" component it works! (see pictures attached). We are using a prefab for our menus since it's more conveniente for the type of game we are doing.

The problem is that when I try to check visibility on these canvas, the answer is always "No/not met" even though you can clearly see the "check" or "uncheck" on the canvas elements. I can't make a logic using "if that element is on, then do this, if it's off, there's a reason, and do that".

My guess is that "Object:visibility" works on Canvas but "Object:check visibility" doesn't detect it.
I'm posting here how the visible/invisible works.



  • Little rephrase "if that gameobject/container with the canvas component is on, then do this, if it's off, there's a reason, and do that".

  • It's not a bug, exactly, but I agree that the two Actions should be consistent.

    I shall update the "Object: Check visibility" Action to read the enabled state of Canvas components, and both Actions to work with Canvas Group components.

  • Thanks! Yes, it does make sense and serves well to avoid creating multiple menus. With one you can hide/unhide containers and work your logic using that. Thanks a again :)

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