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Inventory (Drag and Drop): on drag, keep the main

Hello community.

The UI artist of our game brought this simple question.
Is it possible to maintain the "main cursor" on dragging and item, but at the same time, change it to keep the thumbnail?
To put it in an example: our usual main pointer changes when you hold left click on an item in the inventory. It changes to the image of the item. What he wants to know if it's possible to show both: the main + the image.

Latest AC version.

Thanks a lot!


  • There's three ways you could do this, in order of complexity/robustness:

    1. Create a new graphic for each item that combines the main cursor and item image in one, and then assign it in the Cursor (optional) field of the item's properties, which only shows when selected by the cursor.

    2. Disable AC's built-in inventory cursor by setting the Cursor Manager's When inventory selected field to either Change Hotspot Label or Do Nothing, and then display the selected item in a Menu/UI Image. This could either be done with a dedicated script, or a Menu set to follow the cursor, appears "While Inventory Selected", that contains an InventoryBox element of the type "Display Selected".

    3. Switch your Cursor Manager's Cursor rendering to Unity UI and rely on a dedicated UI prefab to handle your cursor graphics, either through script or the use of Animator parameters. More on this can be found in the Manual's "Unity UI Cursor rendering" chapter.

  • Thanks a lot. The solution 1 is more than enough. After you know how or where to put the cursor, all set. Thanks a lot!

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