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Problem with "walk to" actione and Axctionlist not starting

Hi, my AC version is 1.75.4 and Unity 2021.3.3f1
I have 4 scenes. In first scene i added and hotspot to change scene and all worked perfectly
In the others, exactly same procedure, but once Player reaches the hotspot (both Walk to then Walk to marker), nothing happens. If i put "single use interaction" it works! But in this way, i cannot put the "use" action on doors

here are the screenshots. Working hotspot:

Not working:



  • What were the results of enabling the AC Status box, and adding the "ActionList: Comment" Action, that I described here?

    I will also need to see your Settings Manager, and the Interaction ActionList.

    Does it work if you check "Cutscene while moving?" in the Hotspot's Inspector?

  • As soon as i'm at home will do everything! Thanks

  • Unfortunately no result. Hope these screenshots can help
    Can be this issue related to Nine verbs i'm using?








  • Can be this issue related to Nine verbs i'm using?

    Yes, this is likely it.

    For the Nine Verbs interface to process "Walk to" ("Vai verso") interactions, the "Additional scripts" prefab must be placed in the scene file - see the Readme file's instructions for details.

  • Sorry, did not see the readme file before. Thanks very much for your support!

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