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Custom Move

Hello, I'm trying to move a character along a curved spline but I'm having a hard time figuring out how AC character Movement works. Is there some easy way for me to move a character along a spline that uses a percentage to calculate the position?


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    AC moves characters in one of two ways:

    1) Along an array of position values - see the MoveAlongPoints function.

    2) In a certain direction using SetMoveDirection after manually placing the character in "move" mode:

    myCharacter.charState = CharState.Move;
    myCharacter.SetMoveDirection (moveDirection);

    If a custom script can get the intended position along a spline over time, you could try calling SetMoveDirection, passing in the difference between this position and the character's current position.

    Otherwise, you can bypass AC's movement system completely by setting the character's Motion control field to Manual, and then having your script update their transform.position value directly.

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