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Inventory reacts to cursor tho cursor is hidden

Even though the Inventory menu is set not to be "clickable during cutscene" - the mouse-over effects on the Inventory items are still visible.

Here's a repro:!Amz_vh8OYDX3vd1nnnO5-BgDcprmlw?e=JJ53Ib

1. Click one of the inventory items
2. While the player is talking - hover across the menu items



  • The package doesn't seem to contain Managers or UI prefabs - can you re-package?

  • Aha, I'll take care of it next time I'm in front of that computer.

    I never figured out how to tell Unity to include everything it needs. My fist package didn't even include the scenes, but I noticed that if you first show them in the project window when going Assets->Create Package they get included :P
    Have you figured out a reliable way to create custom packages?

  • Selecting the assets you wish to export, exporting a new package and unchecking the dependencies option will export only the selected assets.

  • Do you mean selecting them in the project view before pressing Assets->Export custom package?

  • That's right.

  • Thank you, here's a repro that should contain all you need:!Amz_vh8OYDX3veAlLl5FLE5izwpulA?e=PC9mIi

  • Received, thanks.

  • This occurs because your inventory buttons are inside other buttons in the hierarchy. AC is updating the Interactable state of the buttons its linked to, but it won't control anything not linked.

  • Ah, of course. I added that once to get the color tint going, but now I see how I can achieve that without using duplicate buttons - thanks a bunch!

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