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Same project between three users -> References break up

I will try to be as thoroughly as possible to get the full picture. We are three guys doing a game and we use Unity 2020. We use Github desktop on one "main" branch and when someone is doing something, the rest do not enter the scene or modify menus.

For some reason we are continuosly having broken references: the main characters (Players) and also the Master/Speech/SFX mixers. All of these you know, in the Menu Manager. For now, those are the only ones. We are all using the same Unity version.
Does anyone know or can explain how to avoid this? The solution is super fast to hot-fix but doing the same thing every single day... is a bit too much hahaha. Maybe there is something or file that for some reason breaks this up. That's what I want to make sure.
Thanks a lot.


  • I can't think of anything specific to AC that would cause this.

    The Player and mixer assets are assigned in the Settings Manager - is anything in the Menu affected as well?

    An asset reference can either be lost by the asset with the field being changed (i.e. the Manager), or by the asset that the field references changing its GUID (i.e. the Player / Mixer assets). Which is being changed, according to your version control?

  • Thanks for pointing me in the right direction. It was the GUID (I don't know what that is). We did a test to see what's going on. In the screenshot 1 you can see that the Settings manager overwrites the old "missing" with my commit. A few minutes later my friend downloaded the commit and saw that the players and the mixers were again missing. So I told him: just commit that so I can see what are you writing. And yes, it was the GUID. Then I entered again and missing from my side as well.

    The most relevant problem other than the missing mixer, SFX, music, etc is that the Master doesn't work on his side. This means the slider doesn't do anything and on my side my slider (the slider that is assigned to the master under options as you can see in picture 3) works flawlessly. So this is now a big deal because it looks like I'm the only one who can "build" the game.

    I thought, and please let me know, about deleting the whole folder from his side and downloading it again from github. I'm not sure why we got different GUID or what you can advice in order to stop this settings manager overlapping when actually no one did a single modification.

    As for the characters you can see that nothing shows in Github that we put the characters back but I believe it's part of the same Settings Manager file that is overwriting over and over.

    Does this help a bit? Do you think deleting the whole folder and re-downloading the project again can make the GUID be the same on both computers? I'm asking because of the time it takes... nothing else.

    Thanks a lot.

  • It's a Unity issue, so far as I can tell - the Settings Manager's code won't be updating the GUID. I would recommend searching Unity's forums for advice on this topic.

    GUID values are stored in meta files, which Unity generates when importing assets. You needn't re-import your whole project - replacing the meta files of the assets involved should be enough.

  • Thank you SO much. We will do that.

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