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Speech Issues

I am having trouble getting speech audio files to play when getting different characters to speak (a character speaks, then if
get another character to speak, the first will speak again, then the second character will no longer play audio files, they will be skipped). Is there a certain "Load Type" or other setting that needs to be set for getting the audio files to play?

I am also a little unsure about how it works. For example, when playing a regular sound, we can set "wait until finished?" in an action list, so the action will make sure that sound is played before continuing. There is no such option for speech, so how does AC know when to play the next speech file? It could just be that my actions are cutting off dialogue unintentionally, as I have them playing one after another. The subtitles of the other character also do not display when the audio also doesn't play.

I am basically trying to get two characters talking to each other. No player input is involved i.e choosing dialogue options, just a simple back and forth using play speech actions.


  • Note that most scenes work perfectly well, it's just this one scene I am having an issue with.

  • What are your AC and Unity versions, and how are you loading in your speech files, i.e. what is your Reference speech files field set to?

    The audio of one character shouldn't interrupt the audio of another. However, if your Subtitles menu has Duplicate for each line? unchecked, then only the most recently-spoken line text will display.

    The speech Action's Run in background? is essentially the inverse of the Wait until finish? option in other Actions. Unchecked, the Action will wait until the line has completed.

    Note that most scenes work perfectly well, it's just this one scene I am having an issue with.

    What is different about this scene / ActionList? The more screenshots you can share, the better I can understand the situation.

  • Oh, I've made a mistake here, it's actually working perfectly. I've imported the wrong speech files - I have long, unedited speech files, then edited versions where I've chopped them into the individual lines.

    I'd been using the long ones, thinking it was skipping the other character, when in fact it was one long clip of one character's lines... :#

    My excuse is I'm still recovering from covid.

  • No problem, get well soon!

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