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Now way to specify mixer group for Ambience

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I'm using Audio Mixers but I can't find a way to assign ambience to a mixer group.

I was looking for a "Ambience mixer" setting under Audio settings but couldn't find one, so instead I tried to change the output on the AmbienceEngine prefab, but in runtime, the output is changed to match the SFX mixer instead.

If possible, it would be nice to have a slider for the ambience in the mixer.


  • It's set internally to the SFX mixer, but you can override it through script at runtime:

    KickStarter.stateHandler.GetAmbienceEngine ().audioSource.outputAudioMixerGroup = myAudioMixer;
  • OK, not sure when, tho... Whenever I set it (I tried it on awake and start of components added to the scene), it seems to always get overwritten to SFX.

  • You'll need to wait for the scene to initialise. Try calling it in an OnAfterChangeScene event hook.

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    Even then any changes are overwritten. Doesn't it seems logical to be able to specify that one just as easily as the other ones?
    Another option might be to have a global volume for ambience in the "Ambience storage" window? Folks might find a similar volume in "Music storage" handy too, come to think of it.

  • Another option might be to have a global volume for ambience in the "Ambience storage" window?

    It's not global, but you can set the relative volume for individual Music and Ambience tracks.

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    Indeed, I'm suggesting here to maybe add a global one. One that the individual ones would be relative to.
    I still haven't found a way to set the volume for all ambience other than changing the volume for every individual ambience track. Even manually changing the volume on the Ambience prefab gets overidden in-game.

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