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Adventure Creator checking a Dialogue System variable

In my game that uses both Adventure Creator and Pixel Crusher's Dialogue System, I have an have an Adventure Creator Action List that I want a minor interaction to act slightly differently depending on the status of a variable I've set in the Dialogue System.

The Dialogue System variable I've made is a number that changes between 0, 1, and 2, in the Dialogue System based on the player's choices. For each of these 3 states, it has a different outcome and if it doesn't meet one condition, it should check the next, (eg. Check if it it =0, if no, then check if it =1, if no then check if it =2). I tried the Lua Code Variable["L5.HospHeadline"] == 0) in a Dialogue System Check node, but it didn't work.

What should I do in Adventure Creator to access the Dialogue System variable and check its value?


  • A custom Action that checks for a given condition can be written by duplicating the ActionCheckTemplate script and modifying it as outlined in this tutorial.

    If you can share the C# code needed to access the Dialogue System variable, I can provide a sample script.

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