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Can't figure out how to do a flashlight toggle feature (once picked up)

Hello, my game is set in darkness and the player needs to find a flashlight in the 1st scene.
I can do the actual pickup easily (Hotspot > Teleport object to hidden marker > Flashlight now in Inventory).
But once the flashlight's in the Inventory, a global variable should enable the now-available flashlight system: toggle on/off with the F key.
The flashlight effect itself is simply a Point light child on the FP Player prefab, spawned in at runtime.
I tried to do it with a variable and ActionList asset, but failed so far. Any help is appreciated, thanks.


  • You can use AC's active inputs to bind the F key to an ActionList asset. Then you can add a Light Switch component to your point light, and drag the light to an Object > Send Message > Turn On or Turn Off action within the ActionList asset. When you do this for the first time, AC will automatically add a ConstantID component to your light, so you don't need to worry that the prefab is spawned only at runtime.

  • Thanks, I just found a 2+ yr old post where Chris suggested the same. It doesn't work yet though, I'll have to keep trying.

  • edited September 2022

    OK it's working, but I can't make the flashlight toggle off/on with F now.

  • Share screenshots of your Active Input, ActionList and the object(s) it affects.

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