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Can't hide Windows cursor on certain scenes

We've tried everything in the cursor manager but we can't seem to hide the Windows cursor which sits on top of the AC cursor on certain scenes, particularly all those non-gameplay ones.
Here's a screenshot of what we have. We've tried all the options.

We don't want to rely on hardware because the size is super small and the whole project was done taking in consideration the measures of Software. Is there a way to hide it?


  • This is in builds, I take it.

    Is it always the same scenes, and is there any pattern to those scenes that makes them separate from others?

    Do you have any other scripts in your project that can control the system cursor's visibility?

  • My goodness... my bad. I used a very old script which had the Cursor to show on true... thanks for poiting in the right direction.
    Everything works :)

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