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Noir Storm: demo released

Hello everyone!

We finally released our demo yesterday and well... it's been a hell of a ride. It will be available on Steam quite soon (this same demo) so please, add it to your wishlist. That way we can see who are the main countries and work on translations, etc. As of now, it's in Spanish and English :)

Video (Trailer):


Instagram: <-Yeah it's my personal

Hope you can help us with comments and desirables.



  • I haven't had any time to play it yet, but I took a look at the first scene and it's looking really polished. Good job! The graphics are cool, and I love the UI.

  • Thanks mate! Well, my "over 100 posts" made it work hahaha. It is! We presented it in our local videogame festival and despite some really weird bugs, people were able to finish it in 40 minutes. Thanks a lot :D

  • Leo I just saw this post here, will say it here too, massive congrats on this game!

  • Awesome, the style is great and the noir flair is spot on, congrats!

  • Thank you guys. Unfortunately the game will not see the day of light as we didn't want to keep working with one of the "creators". So... a shame. Nevertheless, the rest of the team will continue working on another adventure :)

  • *light of day, sorry.

  • :o wow I didn't expect this! Despite of that, I know you'll be working on anything great in the future, so my best wishes for you!!

  • That's just sad, hope you can reuse your work and implement it in a different setting/story :'(

  • Hello, I am the original "creator" Leo mentions, working on this game since 2019, and I wanna rectify what he says here cause is misleading and might create confusion, the DEMO will release in a better form with more bugs, more polish and overall better sound. It will release on Steam sometimes this year.

    The DEMO in the link above is a good example of the quality of the game, but was posted without consent of the rest of the team here, in fact (granted, this is in no way a pun to Leo, I am sure he felt so entusiastic about the build he rushed to post here and that is understandable) so I urge to play the Steam demo once releases to get an actual feel about the finished product.

    Expect the DEMO to be released, but on


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