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EndCutscene button won't skip video

Button (Escape) is entered properly in Input Manager and shows up in Available Inputs in Settings manager. What am I missing?


  • The EndCutscene input is reserved for skipping ActionLists - use a separate input named e.g. SkipMovie, mapped to the same button.

  • Thanks. Doing that doesn't work either though. I see it does map the input(s) to skipKey. But pressing the mapped button won't skip the video.

  • Can you share your AC/Unity versions and details of the input? I can't recreate such an issue.

  • AC 1.75.6, Unity 2022.1.16 which is of course not an LTS release. I'm trying to root out potentially offending script assets that might interfere with AC (like Script Inspector or Power Inspector). But skipKey doesn't work in the meantime.

  • And details of the input?

    The input is read in PlayerInput script's line 225 - if you're debugging, place a Debug.Log there to see if it's being processed.

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    @ChrisIceBox, I'll do that later today. A much more disruptive (related?) issue surfaced all of a sudden: on AC-enabled scenes (meaning GameEngine is enabled) any video played on a Video Player component begins to shake violently after around 8 seconds. It's the weirdest thing, and it's the same on 1.75.6 vs 1.75.7.
    All it takes the shaking to subside is to disable GameEngine.
    Edit: I have now identified the problem source: if MultiSceneChecker is disabled within GameEngine, the video shaking ceases, including in runtime.

    Please investigate.

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    I need details to recreate the issue. Does this occur in a fresh AC scene with a Video Player and no custom scripts?

    Please PM me the necessary files to reproduce the problem - the video file, scene file, and your Manager assets.

  • I just checked on a fresh AC scene: VideoPlayer playback does shake after 8 sec (progressively even), as long as MultiSceneChecker is checked in GameEngine.

    I can PM you any files, I'm just not sure what is needed, if any. Not using any specific assets, just a random transcoded mp4 for playback.

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    VideoPlayer shaking persists with MultiSceneChecker enabled, after a scene change. That's when skipKey no longer works on videos either. So all is good on an initial scene.
    I stripped my project of potentially disruptive extension assets first to confirm it's an AC problem.
    I'll PM you my files, but it's probably internal to AC.

  • In closing: the video shaking was caused by a stray Manage systems action in a previous Actionlist that still had Player enabled, so the camera was treated as a Rigidbody and went on a freefall, causing an exponential shaking effect. :/ :D

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