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ActionList asset fails to play video

edited September 2022 in Technical Q&A

My bad for my incessant AC VideoPlayer issues, but they do surface: in this case I call a Play Video action from an ActionList asset (thru a recorded VideoPlayer), and it hangs when it comes to that action. Still responds to skipKey so I can propel the ActionList forward, but there's a blank screen instead of video. Tried with both Pause Gameplay / Run in background properties, and all kinds of variations, no dice.
Video Player and Camera components are otherwise OK and responsive. Latest AC / Unity.


  • Also, the MP4 plays fine in a scene-based OnStart cutscene. The conflict seems to be when it's a cutscene asset, and/or when the VideoPlayer is ConstantID'd.

  • SOLVED: it appears you can't reuse a ConstantID'd VideoPlayer for a new video in an ActionList asset IF the same VideoPlayer already played/plays a video in a previous ActionList.
    I needed to create a 2nd VideoPlayer in the scene for the "fresh" video. Then I had to call StopMovie on the old one so that the MainCamera frees up for the new video.
    Is this intended functionality? If it is, it's undocumented.

  • AC doesn't give the video control over the MainCamera - that is handled by Unity depending on the Video Player component's "Render Mode" field. Aside from waiting for a keypress and the video to end, all the Action is doing is instruct the VideoPlayer to play the video.

    I can see about adding a warning to the Action if such an Action is used to control a VideoPlayer that is already playing, but once the video has stopped it should be free to be re-used. If this is not the case, please share details or files via PM that can be used to recreate the issue.

  • Yes, I expected the latter PlayMovie action to override the previous one, but only StopMovie is working, can't play a 2nd clip on the same VideoPlayer. It's not a RenderMode issue.
    I'll PM you the asset file.

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