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What import settings would you use for your voice acting files?...

First of all - I apologize - I know this isn't really an AC question per se. But my new game's almost complete, we're wrapping up the VO and I noticed the loading times for both loading a saved game and going into a new scene seems noticeably longer... Could that be related to the fact that thousands of mp3 files have been added to the game in the last couple of weeks?

I'm placing all those audio files inside Resources/Speech folders, with a separate folder for each character.

Am I crazy to link the recent slowdown with these new files? What sort of settings should they have to work best? Can you please give me any advice here?... ;) Thanks ;)


  • 1000s of files in Resources will slow things down, yes. The most performant way of handling speech audio is to rely on Unity's Addressables system, which AC supports.

    See the Manual's "Speech audio" chapter for details on this, and the other options available for audio referencing.

  • Unfortunately, our AC version 1.69.5 doesn't support it...

  • We've changed import settings on all speech files to streaming and that seems to have fixed the issue. But are there any downsides to this solution?

  • The main one I'm aware of is to make sure all lines have valid Addressable keys, because AFAIK it's not possible to check if a key exists before reading it. You should recieve a Console warning in such an event, however.

  • Speech plays as expected, the load times have significantly improved and there are no Console warnings. Do you think I can assume it's okay now?

  • Sounds like it!

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