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Clearing Saves for Steam Testing

Hi everyone! Been a while since I've had to drop a question in here, but now that I'm re-releasing my adventure game from last year on Steam I've had to contend with a whole new host of hurdles thanks to the Steam build process!

One of the issues I've been banging my head against today has been that each build I install fresh from Steam, whether it's on Windows or Mac, is that there are pre-existing save games in the Load menu from earlier test builds of the game.

I've gone into the Settings>Manage Saved Games menu in AC and cleared my testing profiles before pushing new builds, but no matter what I do these saved games seem to travel with the game all the way onto Steam.

Is there some other method I should be using to clear all save data from my builds for fresh users, or is it reading saves from some AC-independent location that I need to manually delete?



  • The save-game data should be associated with your PC - fresh users installing on other machines shouldn't be accessing your save-game or profile data. Are you installing onto a separate machine to the one you're developing on?

    You can check Unity's Player log for details on where save files are recorded/read from after saving/loading inside a build.

    Unless you're overriding the OptionsFileHandler, Profile/Options data is stored within Unity's PlayerPrefs by default. This can be deleted with PlayerPrefs.DeleteAll ();

    It should be that your build's save data is the same as that used in the Editor, though, unless you have Use '_Editor' prefix for Editor save files? checked in the Settings Manager.

  • Hi Chris, thanks for the response! I was testing it on a number of different machines--but as it turns out, all of them had old save data from testing I'd done last year, which was throwing me off.

    I finally managed to find a new PC with no test history and--yup--no saves! Thanks for the additional info though, will come in useful down the line for sure!

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